By combining our experience in developing solutions, implementation methodology and our specialized consulting services, we create the best business results for our clients, with the least exposure to risk.


Information Technology is a strategic asset that can impact how to do business. An asset that can allow you to be more competitive and differentiate yourself from the competition.

At DotGainen Consulting we design, implement and maintain technological solutions adapted to your business, with the absolute commitment to help your company achieve success.

Our commitment framework with the client is designed to limit the risks associated with the adoption of advanced technological architectures and to improve the impact on your business.



Telephony and collaboration

We adapt telephony and collaboration solutions to each environment and business requirements of our clients.

Networking and movility

Improve application performance through network intelligence.


 Microsoft Sistems

They allow you to choose the tools that drive your company's profitability and reduce costs, complexity and risks.

Wi-Fi and Social Wi-Fi

Improve the user experience and grow your business with marketing campaigns through our tools.

Continuity business

We design Contingency Plans and Business Continuity, where we regulate the mechanisms to be implemented in case of a serious incident.


Better network security means greater protection and performance.


Virtualization and Cloud

Workloads are implemented faster, performance and availability improve, and operations are automated.


WorkSpace as a Service

Your integral job in the cloud, safe and accessible from anywhere

Monitor system

The monitoring of systems is a fundamental element to manage the IT infrastructure of the company.


Managed services

We are responsible for the maintenance and optimal functioning of our customers' systems and infrastructures.


Having better solutions for your conferences will allow you greater productivity.


Storage Systems

We offer a wide variety of data services that include the reduction of these saving space.


Cloud and systems


Our experts will help you operate and manage the cloud platforms of the market so you can get the most out of them.

Device management

Centralized management of mobile devices, Mac and PC.


We offer a variety of IT certification, training and testing programs.

Cisco Umbrella
Disaster recovery


Technological consulting is not just something we do, it is who we are. Our team believes in the power and benefit of information technology (IT). Our mission is to design, test, implement and support the right IT solutions for the most important business objectives of each client.

We are passionate about technology. DotGainen was founded by engineers for engineers. We are always exploring new technologies and how they can help our customers succeed.

We aim for perfection. We strive to provide IT solutions that produce measurable business results. No matter how complex your project is, we always have a single goal: to support our clients on their path to lasting success.

Our team

Our team is composed of highly qualified IT architects and business engineers with a long history of designing IT solutions that solve real business problems and improve operational efficiency.


Our history

Due to our absolute commitment to helping clients achieve success, many of our commitments become long-term relationships. We are proud that our clients see us as a trusted advisor.


Our commitment

Each client works with a dedicated local team that understands their business, their infrastructure and their objectives. This team appropriates the entire life cycle of the project, from discovery and design to deployment, training and handover.

Our alliances

Our partnerships provide a broad ecosystem of technologies and solutions that can meet your business and technical needs. In addition, we have some of the most elite certifications in the partner industry.

Our closeness

Although we know that perfection is difficult to achieve, we always have it in our sights. Every day we work to design, deliver and support IT solutions that help our clients succeed.


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