Automatically optimize your network for high density environments.

Provide users with exceptional wireless performance.

Significantly increase performance

Provide better performance to the user

Prepare for a digital network

Obtain information from the network

Provide smart mobile connectivity

Obtain a convergent and secure network

Analyze visitor behavior

Participate on a more personal level

Facilitate Wi-Fi access for guests

Provide more work options

Strengthen security

Less waiting time and more performance

WiFi access, users connect easily.

Analyze with our multiple data sources.

Take action when people are in their place using

our marketing tools.

We offer an installation of wireless networks configured to measure, based on the latest levels, achieving results comparable to wired networks.

Gestión de la nube Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki se despliega rápida y fácilmente, sin formación ni interfaces de línea de comandos propietarias.

  • Administre su infraestructura de TI desde un solo panel

  • Infraestructura de seguridad segura (compatible con PCI y HIPAA)

  • No hay hardware de control ni software de administración para instalar y mantener

  • Control de usuarios, aplicaciones y dispositivos

  • Escalas desde sitios pequeños hasta implementaciones de millones de usuarios

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