Reducing the cost and risk, improving the service.

Helping to change the way of doing business.

Specialized consulting

We offer direct access to engineers with specialized knowledge and extensive experience. We have experience in planning and managing some of the most demanded infrastructures in the world and we can help you build reliable and scalable solutions that help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Planning and deployment of services

We provide technical direction and service management, how and when you need it. Combine the advantages of infrastructure and the experience of DotGainen in implementing and implementing the most ambitious projects.

Security, monitoring and backup

We take care of your security, providing technology and security procedures, as well as the management of incidents and alerts in case of a security breach. As a company specialized in high availability and mission critical systems, we have developed one of the most ambitious and rigorous infrastructure control procedures.

Expert support

DotGainen Expert Support is a complete package of advanced level support services. It includes the following activities:

  • Initial audit to have a real knowledge of the solution to be supported.

  • Opening tickets via telephone, mail or web, according to the urgency.

  • Start-up and management of incidents and Queries.

  • High level diagnosis by expert engineers.

  • Filtering of tickets and allocation to manufacturers.

  • Proactive periodic reviews to update the knowledge of the client's platform.

Monitoring and supervision

We have a network operations center, which can offer you the same degree of control and supervision over your systems as that offered over the equipment directly managed by us. Reinforce your own IT team with technical personnel at your disposal and who can intervene following the protocols that your own team has defined.

Monitoring levels:

  • Monitoring of IT infrastructures

  • Supervision of hardware and applications

  • Monitoring of events and recorded incidents

  • Proactive analysis through specific triggers

  • Definition of protocols for the anticipation of incidents

  • Notification of the incident to the person in charge according to the protocol defined

DotGainen's managed services include both maintenance services, design and management of solutions, presenting multiple support options and competitive service level agreements.