A complete solution for business continuity and disaster recovery. A flexible, user-friendly replication technology that is configured and managed at the virtual machine level

High availability

Guarantee a simple and profitable availability for all your applications.

  • Eliminate the expected downtime for common maintenance operations.

  • Provide greater availability independent of hardware, operating system and applications.

  • Fast recovery of operating system and server errors with automatic reboots of the virtual machine.

Data Protection

Efficient and predictable backup and recovery.

Protect your IT environment and simplify the backup and recovery of your data and systems with virtualization technologies.

  • Know the backup windows and the recovery time objectives.

  • Efficiently use storage and network resources.

  • Easily protect all applications of your IT infrastructure.

Disaster recovery

Reliable disaster recovery for all your applications.

  • Disaster recovery in the private cloud

  • Recovery of disasters in the cloud as a service

  • A dual approach to disaster recovery that takes advantage of the recovery of private clouds and disasters as a service.

Featured advantages

  • Increase revenue
    Get remote sites up and running quickly with new applications and services.


  • Increase productivity
    Improve performance by allowing employees to collaborate from anywhere.

  • Protect your business
    Strengthen your network defenses by providing security everywhere.


  • Lower costs
    Reduce costs and complexity through automation and efficiency.


  • Integrated intelligence
    Port configuration based on connected devices.
    Seamless wireless navigation, application optimization etc.


  • Trusted
    High industry standard in network uptime with powerful failover.


  • Affordable
    Budgets at each price point without compromising quality ...

We offer a complete integrated portfolio of business continuity solutions. We protect you against planned and unplanned downtime in a simple and affordable way.


The leading software for hyperconverged infrastructure solutions (HCI) and a fundamental component of the data center defined by software.

It offers a different license option for VDI users.

It can be used in remote locations with low consolidation rates.

Provides organizations with maximum flexibility in terms of hardware, software

  • It allows to evolve without risks
    Work with your global VMware environment and reduce the risk associated with digital transformation

  • Reduce the TCO
    Decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 50% or more and Reduce capital investment by software-defined storage

  • Provide scalability for the future
    Offers support for a wide range of applications, from business-critical applications to new applications generation that use containers