It allows an exhaustive control of servers and equipment, both at hardware level and applications. Permanently controls all the relevant parameters of your infrastructure.


In any organization with an IT infrastructure it is necessary to guarantee the accessibility and availability of services to users. A monitoring system is a great help for the administrator when it comes to preventing and locating possible failures in equipment and services.

Reduce the risk

Since it is difficult to avoid unexpected stops of a computer service, certain measures must be taken to reduce the risk and the effect of such stops.

High availability

To assemble service clusters, so as to guarantee high availability in several nodes. Implement a monitoring system that allows, among other things, to anticipate possible errors that may occur in the computer system.

Statistics generation

In addition to alerting of the problems that occurred in the computer system, it offers the generation of statistics, allows a thorough monitoring to know the periods of non-availability of services, as well as the use of computer resources and their evolution over time.

Every company should have a control and monitoring system for its servers. The monitoring solutions of DotGainen are ideal for small and medium enterprises.