It offers in a personalized way the leading technological solutions in the market. Achieves the highest efficiency and labor productivity at the lowest cost.

Escritorio Virtual Profesional

Work spaces eliminating barriers. The benefits of virtualization without a total virtual transformation of the workspace.

Equipamiento informático personalizado

Affordable, scalable and flexible. You can define the number of workspaces or applications to improve business needs.


More secure and protected against incidents. All documents of the company are encrypted, improving the security of the company and having your information after any incident in their offices: thefts, fires, breakdowns, human error ...

Infraestructura en la nube

Competitive advantage. We help you reduce the time needed to perform desktop and management applications, as well as support tasks.

Telefonía y Colaboración

Flexible experience for the end user. We offer a flexible and perfect solution for the user through the final choice device.

Movilidad para el usuario

Access from anywhere and device. In any way you can have your computer as if you were in the office. From any device: PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone.


Simplify deployment, provide faster deployment

and accelerate business results with Dotgainen.

Higher productivity

  • Being able to share the applications and documents without the need of sending or intermediaries.

  • Avoid leaving half actions (visits, budgets, orders, etc.), pending response information.

  • Eliminating the figure of the information carrier that often has to group or output the information of the team.

More secure and protected against incidents

  • Improving the security of the company and having your information after any incident in their offices ...

  • High availability computers and Antivirus and Firewall included ...

  • Periodic backups of documents and system and encryption of information without the need for VPNs ...

  • Greater control of the machines: easy access limitation. and resources ..

Acceso desde cualquier lugar y dispositivo

  • Desde cualquier dispositivo: PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone…

  • Con una simple conexión a internet (3G/4G o ADSL) las aplicaciones y programas de su empresa serán accesibles para cualquier empleado.

Total flexibility

  • You can incorporate offices or users without new configurations or installations ..

  • In a pay-per-use format, without investment: With a monthly average of the resources consumed.

  • Without being conditioned by the computer infrastructure of every moment: with the necessary resources in real time (servers and machines) without having to invest before a possible growth or regret it otherwise.

More economical

  • No initial investment or minimum stay time, only paying for direct consumption of data space and number of users.

  • Having the necessary resources according to the growth of the company at any time without additional investments.

  • Maintenance of servers and desks included in the budget.

  • Possibility of unification of LANs for greater comfort and optimization of maintenance and service costs.