It reduces the migration times and the impact on the daily operations of the user and business. Consolidate the solution with the simplest and most efficient architecture possible.

Dotgainen applies its experience obtaining the appropriate results to the new corporate model desired by the business strategy.

Do business in
any place

Get modern mobile technology for the company that allows you to work in the best way possible from anywhere and keep your data protected in different locations and devices.

  • Connect and collaborate with your team.

  • Get the best results anywhere.

  • Optimize the productivity of your team.

  • Integrated protection of your data wherever you go.


Conecte con sus clientes

With Microsoft solutions, you can create, maintain and drive essential connections to foster fidelity and continuity.

  • Create loyal and fruitful relationships with your customers.

  • Get a complete and coherent view of your clients.

  • Boost the productivity of your sales and service teams.

  • Find and take advantage of the best opportunities.


Gestión y organización

Microsoft's flexible technology solutions allow you to choose the best tools that drive your company's profitability and reduce costs, complexity and risks.

  • Optimize business processes.

  • Reduce the costs and complexity of IT administration.

  • Be operational again in a matter of minutes with a data backup and recovery solution.

  • Reduce risks with simpler compliance measures.

Nos hacemos responsables del mantenimiento y óptimo funcionamiento de los sistemas y aplicaciones de nuestros clientes, asegurando la disponibilidad y estabilidad de los mismos.Nuestros técnicos expertos le ayudarán a eliminar riesgos sin comprometer el rendimiento ni la fiabilidad de sus aplicaciones.

Dotgainen applies its experience obtaining the appropriate results to the new corporate model desired by the business strategy.


Windows 10

Get great achievements for your team and your company:

The Windows that you know, but better

Offer your team a family experience on PCs, tablets and phones.

Integrated security at all levels

It has been designed to keep you safe without being an obstacle.

Innovative devices to inspire your team and boost your business

It helps you to work better wherever you are with new and powerful devices.

Microsoft Surface

Manage the Surface devices of your company as if it were a Windows laptop. They work with the most common computer and security protocols ...

Windows Server

Expand your resources without interruptions and increase the capacity of your data center with a solution in the hybrid cloud, expanding options without adding complexity to the management ...

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Keep your employees securely connected to critical business applications wherever they are, including cloud service leaders such as Salesforce, Concur and Workday ...